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The world press conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain.

The world press conference (WORLDPRINTANDCOMMUNICATIONFORUM) and the Intergraf conference in Barcelona, Spain, held by the hotel. The United States, Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, India, the European Union and other 23 countries represented at the meeting. Mr. HavardGrjotheim president, Mr. WPCF, Mr. MichaelMakin, Mr. Intergraf, welcome the introduction of guests.  

"From offset to digital" case analysis, we reveals the future of a printed sheet through British precision screen printing Co., Ltd. GaryPeeling, digital printing will be how to today's commercial printing brought great changes in the mode of operation, how the lower costs of production management and achieved a turnover, an increase of three times.  

"Commercial printing success stories through German version of" Jian Hao "- German company DruckhausMainfrankenGmbH UlrichStetter: Emerging Markets Industry Service", to the scene the audience show was a successful online printing enterprises how to through the network printing of business model in recent years has been rapid growth. Referred to customer demand changes, UlrichStetter said, the customer's quality requirements are getting higher and higher, more and more requirements for the post road glazing, coating and other processes, the customers are clearly aware of the difference between printed and electronic reading, we do not worry about the market will be replaced by electronic products".  

Expert AnneMangen Norway Stavanger university to share their latest research on "paper and screen". With the decline of the newspaper reading books, as well as more and more people use the keyboard instead of hand written status, the research through a series of comparison test summary analysis of the four factors that affect people's reading, in order to provide reference for the paper media and electronic reading materials. China Printing Technology Association digital printing branch director, China Printing Science and technology research institute director Chen Yan mentioned the Chinese education implementation of E-Book Package, but due to the electronic screen itself read the content of the "non fixed" as well as the pop-up will greatly reduce the reader's attention and investment level, and thus affect the content itself, plus out of cost and youth growth period health and other factors, the implementation is not ideal.  

Finland National Technology Research Center (VTT) chief scientist, IARIGAI International Graphic Arts Industry Research Institute Union vice president AnuSeisto on print media industry innovation and research: the speech, emphasized how to use consumer information, strengthen the interaction between the paper media and electronic media, so as to realize the business interaction between printing enterprises and consumers, the printing enterprises of the value-added services.

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