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General situation of the development of global printing industry

Printing industry as the information media processing industry, has become an important industry of information dissemination and replication. In information management and new technology promotion, printing industry to digital, networked, printing field appeared in a variety of printing, application of new technology in digital printing, CTP (computer to plate, computer to plate (CTP), digital workflow, the printing industry has penetrated into on-demand publishing, printing, label printing, paper printing, advertising, printing, architectural graphics, households and inkjet and numerous applications in the field and decoration, effectively promote the further development of the printing industry.   

In recent years, despite the challenges of the network media and the economic situation is not stable and other adverse factors, but the world's total printing is still stable growth. According to the United States print market and Information Research Institute PRIMIR released the global printing market survey , the global printing market is divided into three parts: the United States, Europe and Asia accounted for 1/3 of the global printing market. American printing industry mainly in commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing, digital printing technology has changed the rapid development of the United States commercial printing market competition pattern, the price of digital color page has been lower than the price of an offset printing page, but also not use digital printing press type of printing enterprises will be eliminated.  

Europe's largest printing market in Germany, in recent years, the German printing market continued to slump, the recovery of the economy after the crisis difficult. The combination of Japan's Printing Technology Association and the German press industry association announced that, in the next 5 years, the number of printing companies in Germany and sales will be reduced year by year. In the Asia Pacific region's printing industry is developing rapidly, its commercial printing and advertising is the fastest growing region in the world, especially in China and India is almost two digit growth rate of rapid development. On the whole, the global printing market "eastward shift" trend has appeared slightly, further aggravate the impact of informatization on the traditional printing, corporate mergers and acquisitions in the industry are becoming increasingly active, all countries to varying degrees, there is production

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